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Success Stories

Grupo Posadas, Mexico


This luxury hotel group saw a 43:1 return on investment using TravelAds Sponsored Listings. 

The Opportunity

Each year, at dozens of its hotels, Grupo Posadas receives almost three million guests who are either on vacation or traveling for business. The Group’s Fiesta Americana and Live Aqua brands are known throughout Mexico for their 4- and 5-star all-inclusive luxury resorts while the Fiesta Inn brand is a specialized, functional concept for business travelers that crave comfort on the road.  

As its main objective, Grupo Posadas was motivated to drive sales, revenue, and profit for several of its properties—without making large investments.

The TravelAds Advantage

Utilizing TravelAds, the company was able to increase room nights and market share in a variety of ways. By tailoring their ads for different markets, they increased opportunities by maintaining top positioning on search results pages.

The hotels tend to be as dynamic as possible with pricing and offers so TravelAds are often used to capitalize on the additional exposure. Grupo Posadas also took advantage in markets where few other hotels are utilizing the TravelAds strategy—causing the average market bid to stay lower compared to other nearby markets. With TravelAds, hotels could also tailor their offerings around peak holiday shopping periods with special Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and other holiday sales. 

Advertiser Support

"Our TravelAds campaigns have been a huge success and has exceeded my expectations. The additional exposure, combined with the right offer, definitely increases the competitive advantage. The high YTD ROI is proof of the successful results.”
George Hunter, Grupo Posadas



George found that the TravelAds team was key to each campaign’s success—with monthly calls and in-person meetings to review results and make recommendations to optimize the campaign. They remain on the lookout for the client, attentive to expiring funds or recommending changes to a strategy if not performing as expected. The highly detailed reporting provides valuable insight for controlling spending, choosing target markets, and adjusting offers to achieve maximum success.

By combining good photography with attractive pricing and offers, Grupo Posadas achieved fantastic year-to-date ROIs.


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