FAQs | Funding

Q: How do I fund my account?

Your account will contain one or more hotels, and for each hotel you add, you will need to deposit funds that will be used specifically for that hotel. You can add funds by using a credit card or PayPal ($50 funding minimum) or, you can request a Direct Bill Account ($500 funding minimum). With either funding method, your funds will be available immediately. All funds expire after one year.

Q: What is Direct Bill funding?

With Direct Bill funding, we will set up a credit account and send you a bill for the funding that you requested. The minimum funding request for Direct Bill funding is $500 per hotel and this money is nonrefundable. (Funding via credit card is refundable—restrictions apply.)

Q: How do I set up a Direct Bill account?

At the time of your first funding transaction, you will set up a credit account with Expedia, Inc. If you have multiple hotels in your account, you have the option of setting up a separate billing account for each one, or you can have them all billed to the same account. Each billing account will require complete contact information.

Q: When will I receive my bill?

Invoices are sent monthly for all transactions in the previous month.

Immediately after you request funding, you will receive an email notification verifying your request. This is not a bill—please do not use this email for remittance as it does not contain all information necessary to process your payment.

Q: How does Credit Card funding work?

Similar to Direct Bill, you will input your credit card information at the time of your funding transaction. There are some advantages to using a credit card to fund your account. The minimum deposit is $50 per hotel (compared to $500 for Direct Bill). Also, you can request a refund of any deposits made with a credit card. Please note that refund requests must be made prior to the expiration of funds, which is one year from the deposit date.

Q: Can I start with Credit Card funding and then switch to Direct Bill later?

Yes, you can. You can use multiple billing methods. You choose the billing method with each transaction.

Q: How do I use PayPal™?

PayPal is a third-party billing program used for online transactions. You will need to set up a PayPal account prior to using this service to fund your TravelAds account.

Q: What is Automatic Rebill?

Automatic Rebill is an optional feature that allows you to automatically request additional funding when your account reaches a certain minimum balance. This feature assures that your account won't run out of funds.

Q: How are funds used?

The funds remain in your account until someone clicks on your ad. At that time, you account is debited the cost of the click. If your balance reaches zero, your ads will be paused until additional funds are available. All funds are used based on expiration date--those that will expire first, will be used first..

Q: Can I transfer funds between hotels?

Yes, you can move funds between your hotels as often as you'd like. However, if you are using the Direct Bill method of funding, the invoice will be sent to the address associated with the original funding deposit. We cannot reissue invoices based on funding transfers. You will find a complete history of your funding transfers included on your Funding History page. More on Transferring Funds.

Q: What if I want to stop advertising and I haven't used up all my funds?

You may request a refund of any remaining funds that were added to your account by Credit Card funding. Requests must occur prior to the expiration of funds (one year from deposit). Direct Bill funds are not refundable. All funds are used in the order that the deposits were made.

Q: What is a System Credit?

These are credits issued to you by Expedia, Inc. at no charge. System Credits may have an expiration date, after which they are considered forfeit and ineligible for spending.

Q: Can I print a receipt?

You will receive an email transaction confirmatin each time you add funds. You can also find a printable receipt for each credit card transaction, Direct Bill transaction, PayPal transaction, system credit and refund. Receipts are available on the Funding History page in the My Account section.